These are lenless's image or refractographs. The images are produced by replacing the camera lens with a transparent "refractive object". A single or multiple light source illuminates the "refractive object" and the images are photographed using a digital SLR. The images you see are not produced by computer manipulation or software such as photoshop. They are an accurate representations of the patterns produced by light as it passes through a "refractive object".

Colours are added at the time the photograph was taken by the use of complex coloured filters and two "secret techniques". No colours are added using computer software. Without colouring techniques the images would be black and white bar some spectral colours due to diffraction.

Some of the image patterns are produced by everyday glass objects, others by "refractive objects" I have made. The scale of these "refractive objects" is the size of a digital sensor. That is about 22mm by 15mm. Thats a very small area to work with on complex patterns.

Every image is unique and can never be reproduced as the camera angle and position of the refractive object lead to the unique pattern.

This work is inspired by the work of Alan Jaras  who, as far as I am aware, is the only other professional currently working in the area of lensless photography in the world.


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